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CWI understands how we are all profoundly impacted by cancer. Whether you are a cancer patient, a friend or relative of someone who has cancer - everyone is affected, everyone has a story.

At CWI, we are committed to harnessing the power of many to help those who feel powerless alone. We call it the “Power Of Us.” This is the reason we want to share your stories and challenges: to inspire not only others who may be facing similar issues, but also those who have the power to help by donating to CWI.

Cancer has dollar signs attached to it. Money is the bottom line. Many treatments and therapies are not covered under health insurance. It is a tragedy when proven therapies cannot even be considered due to these limitations.

Cancer Warrior Inc.'s mission is to empower those with cancer by expanding treatment options oftentimes limited by insurance coverage, and to help relieve financial burdens so healing may be the main focus.

Please submit your stories on our Shares & Prayers page. Tell us about your inspirations, challenges, needs and results during your experience with cancer and/or cancer treatment. We may include your stories in our News Blog, Email Campaigns, and other communications and outreach. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will happily change your name - be sure to indicate your preference when you submit your story here.


Cancer Warrior Inc. believes in the power of prayer. If you would like your name added to CWI’s Private Prayer List please submit your name on our Shares & Prayers page. We will pray for you!

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