Immune Boosting Basics

By Donna LaBelle

Did you ever climb a tree when you were a kid? The lowest branch was just out of reach, so you would say to your friend or your sister, “Give me a boost!” They would lace their fingers together and you would step on them as they lifted you up high enough to reach that branch. That's the picture I get when I think of “immune boosters”. Our bodies are amazing but sometimes that extra boost is so helpful! Here is a short list of immune building ideas, most of them very inexpensive or free!

Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful because it strengthens our own immune system to destroy cancer. Intravenous vitamin C forms hydrogen peroxide which attacks cancer cell formation without harming healthy cells, like a less harmful chemotherapy. Liposomal vitamin C prevents inflammation and the environment that encourages fast growing tumors. 1 Liposomal vitamin C is a mixture of a fat-like lecithin and vitamin C, which makes it much more available to the body as it is similar to the cell wall structure and passes through at a higher rate than oral vitamin C. It also can be made at home with an ultrasonic cleaner machine (about $35), good vitamin C powder and preferably sunflower lecithin. 2



The healthier we are overall, the better we can fight the battles that come our way and there’s nothing quite like garlic. Look it up yourself, it’s amazing! Here’s the important part: chop up the garlic to expose as much area as possible to the air and let it sit for about 10 minutes to activate the powerful ingredients such as allicin which has benefits that include cancer prevention to immune enhancing and much more! I have tried it in a small spoonful of honey. Other times with a little tomato paste and a drop of oregano oil. 3



Everyone has heard of the powerful properties of turmeric. Like many other whole foods, there is more going on together because of synergy and as-of-yet undiscovered components than any single ingredient alone, even curcumin. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound, an anti-oxidant, it benefits the brain and heart, fights Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis and depression. 4

Try this delicious recipe for getting some extra turmeric in your life. Some call it “Golden Milk” and it is usually taken in the evening because it helps you relax. Warm up some coconut or almond milk, add some powdered turmeric and ginger, a little coconut oil (which slows down the digestion, so the curcumin is mor readily absorbed), a pinch of black pepper (this makes the turmeric more bio-available) and a little honey. This is a powerful combination and it leads us right into our next point, which is …


The brain is literally washed clean by a good night’s sleep as toxins are swept away by cerebral fluids because the brain shrinks at night. That is one reason we feel so refreshed after deep sleep. One very critical and important way to realign our inner clock so that we sleep during the night (which works with and not against our natural circadian rhythm) is to re-regulate the cycle by spending 10 or 15 minutes in the first morning sunlight and the setting sunlight. Another great, free way to boost your immune system is pure and simple sunshine. Walking outside in the sunshine barefoot gives you a double benefit of sunshine and “grounding” which neutralizes free radicals. 5

“Basically, getting grounded is your greatest source of antioxidants for reducing the effect of free radical damage (oxidization). The best part of it all is that it’s absolutely free!” 6


Golden Rule Goodness

And the final way to boost your immune system on this short list is not only free but also veers off in a different direction all together. I call it the Golden Rule Goodness. “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
 - Mark Twain

When we give love, when we are generous, others benefit. But we often overlook the great benefits for the giver: JOY! When we forgive, we have peace. People have caught on to this with a popular fad of random acts of kindness, but it is when we live a deliberate life of thankfulness and love from which kind acts and generosity naturally flow that we experience so much good. 7 Science proves the benefits for our physical bodies in recognizing the endorphin release we get from doing good for others – it even has a name: Helper’s High. Holding grudges and not forgiving is especially hard on our health and sometimes blocks full healing. Forgiving is hard! A gateway emotion that leads us there is thankfulness. Finding five things a day to be thankful for is easy if you look, and goes a long way to changing the chemistry composition of our bodies. 8

We here at Cancer Warrior Inc., are praying for you, standing with you and pulling for you in every way we can! May the Lord guide you in wisdom, comfort you with His peace and surround you with His presence!